Sept 11th Wed Night = Todd

Creation - Creativity


Sept 15th Pre-K = Reye & Bree

Sept 15th CC = Marja

Sept 15th Lesson


Sept 18th Wed Night = Sherri

Creation - It was good and Work & Rest is Important


Sept 22nd Pre-K = Isabella

Sept 22nd CC = Clarice

Sept 22nd Lesson


Sept 25th Wed Night = Marja

Creation - Created in God's Image and Authority


Sept 29th Pre-k = Kirsten & Alayssa

Sept 29th CC = Shannon

Sept 29th Lesson


October 2019

Oct 2nd Wed Night = Jasmine

Corruption: Mankind falls through sin


Oct 6th Pre-k = Melissa

Oct 6th CC = Kids Worship Day Todd

Oct 6th Lesson


Oct 9th Wed Night = Direct Connect


Oct 13th Pre-k = Jasmine

Oct 13th CC = LeAnne

Oct 13th lesson


Oct 16th Wed Night = LeAnne

Corruption =


Oct 20th Pre-k = Reye & Bree

Oct. 20th CC = Sherri

Oct 20th Lesson


Oct 23rd Wed Night = April

Corruption = 


Oct 27th Pre-k = Isabella

Oct 27th CC = Marja

Oct 27th lesson


Oct 30th Wed Night = FALL FESTIVAL!













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