Worship Ministry
Leader: Dustin Barber

Each week we meet as part of the body of Christ to honor our God in worship in ways that engage our heart, mind, soul and strength.

Our worship is a reminder that Jesus is Lord; of the power of the Holy Spirit; of the redemptive love and work of our Father in heaven; of the truth of God's word; of our need to share the Good News with others and of our Lord's desire that we serve and be a blessing to others.

Our worship consists of prayer, preaching & teaching from God's word, the reading of scripture, baptism & communion, singing songs of praise to God & encouragement to each other, and dedication of our lives in service to God.  Special music & readings, skits, drama and other worshipful means might be used from time to time to fully engage our hearts, souls, minds and strength in worship.


  October 2019  
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