February 2018  
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Adult Ministry
Leader: Jason Huffman, Minister

Our Adult ministry is a  ministry designed to connect people with Jesus and to each other by providing opportunities for Bible study, fellowship, special training and other activities.

Sunday Bible Study...9:15AM

Our Sunday Bible Study consists of a small group of people in an informal setting in our church felloowship area. Coffee, muffins and doughnuts are available. You can join the group anytime. We are currently involved in a three year survey of the Bible.


Base Point Class


This is a one hour class taught from time to time by Pastor Jason Huffman.  Base Point is for anyone who has an interest in Pineville Christian Church. Topics covered: Our beliefs, vision. mission, core values, ministries, etc. This is especially appropriate for those with an interest in membership at Pineville Christian. See Jason for details.


Special Bible studies, men and women's fellowship meetings, seminars and special training sessions also are conducted from time to time. They are listed in the announcements & calendar sections of this website each month.